Welcome to the home base for your crowd.

Crowdstack is an instant online community for your audience. It's organized, searchable, and trustworthy-- content, conversations, and relationships in a space you control.

Transform your audience from a sea of distant stars to a field of connected hearts.


Don't cede ownership of your community to a third party. Own the member data and content, set your own engagement rules, and stay in control.


The best way to grow your crowd is to keep them fully engaged. Crowdstack provides a safe space for your audience to interact with each other and you.


Offer a cohesive experience for your crowd, under one umbrella that you can easily manage, customize, and promote.

Everything your crowd needs to engage in one place.

Decide which tools you want to use, control who can do what, and then get the party started!


Pips are short notes or status updates that your members can share with the community.


Forums are the place for in-depth conversations. Organized discussions with distinct permissions allowed per forum.


Create compelling blog content, with support for future publication dates, tags, and categorization.

Media Sharing (Clips)

Clips are the media-sharing area of Crowdstack, where your crowd can share photos, documents, audio, and video.


Single or multi-question surveys, with option to control whether votes are transparent or hidden.


Create multiple calendars for your events. RSVPs supported, as well as embedded maps.

Customer Support

The QuestionShark module of Crowdstack allows you to provide customer support. Classify and assign new tickets, forward to fellow Support Reps, and participate in back-channel conversations ("whispers") that the customer never sees.

The richest toolset for audience engagement.


Recipes are automated workflows. Set rules for moderating members or content. Automatically recognize members who reach certain activity milestones. Send drip campaigns to new members. You design the rules, condition, and actions to suit your purposes.


Groups are like mini Crowdstack sites within your main site. Create an unlimited number of sub-areas within your community. Groups can be public, private or hidden and each group has its own set of permissions and settings.


Track community health with a set of metrics, view leaderboards for your member and content, and generate member activity reports.


Reactions are quick, fun way to provide feedback on content. With one click, you can express your opinion and the reactions are aggregated for quick sentiment representation per post.

GDPR Compliant

Crowdstack provides you will all of the tools and settings you need to make your community GDPR-compliant.


Our Startup and Complete plans allow you to easily match your brand guidelines. Customize using themes, CSS, custom header and footer spaces, and more.

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