Grow Your Members

Crowdstack is the home base for your audience. Your brand, your rules, your data. Increase loyalty through engagement.

Point. Connect. Engage!

Crowdstack is an extension of your primary site. An online community that you can set up in minutes. Point to it from your main site. Watch loyalty increase and audience impact grow.


Don't cede ownership of your community to a third party. Own the member data and content, set your own engagement rules, and stay in control.


The best way to grow your crowd is to keep them fully engaged. Crowdstack provides a safe space for your audience to interact with each other and you.


Offer a cohesive experience for your crowd, under one umbrella that you can easily manage, customize, and promote.

User-Generated Marketing (UGM)

UGM is perhaps the most cost-effective way to increase the size and/or impact of your user base. Turn your members/customers/coalition into a force that significantly bumps SEO, increases loyalty, magnifies influence, and improves your bottom line. Crowdstack is more than a home base; it's a rallying base for your marketing efforts.

Trusted by grand brands, associations, nonprofits, and causes.

Flat fee pricing, with unlimited usage for all plans.