"Like FB Groups and Slack had a beautiful baby."

💯 Better Than Facebook Groups

Free, easy, open, and independent.

Finally, An Indie Space For Your Group

We welcome all business, entrepreneurs, podcasters, creators, nonprofits, and others who want a simple online group space or community for conversation, Q&A, and resource sharing.

Flexible Sign In

Even if you happen to love Facebook, many people would rather not use their network and in some cases REFUSE to do so. Crowdstack is open and inviting. People can join your community using Crowdstack, Google, or Facebook logins.

It's Your Independence Day

Sure Facebook is huge, but you have to play by their rules. We never promote other people's groups or content on your group-- it's your space, not ours -- and we don't market to your members either. In addition, you can earn revenue by charging for premium membership, if you wish.

Your Content, Not Ours

We don't monitor your content or determine what content to promote within your group. You set your own rules for conversation, communicate freely without a meddling middleman and without surveillance. Go to sleep knowing that your Crowdstack (and your members) will still be there in the morning.

Honest To Goodness Value

Hey, Facebook is completely free, but in exchange you sacrifice freedom and independence. With Crowdstack, we focus on value, without compromising your autonomy. Unlike Facebook, our business model is not predicated on marketing to you or your members. We're also focused on providing you with the very best tools for managing your community.