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Crowdstack REST API

The following API requests can be used to interact with the community via HTTP-based REST requests. Each request must be authenticated with the API Access Token provided in the "API Access" section of the control panel. The access token is provided as the username for the request, and any password provided will be ignored. Be sure that all API requests are made using the API Base URL referenced in the API Access section of your Crowdstack Control Panel.

Parameter Documentation Conventions

Each field can have any number of common descriptive elements applied to it. The following list should help you understand what each description element means.

  • (Required): This parameter is required and must be supplied.
  • (Optional): This parameter is optional and does not need to be supplied.
  • Multiple values/files are supported: This parameter can be provided multiple times to specify multiple values/files. Each time the parameter occurs in the request will be a separate value. For example, if you want to provide "Amazing" and "Wonderful" as tags to a new Forum Topic you would make the appropriate POST API request and include two parameters, one for tag="Amazing" and another for tag="Awesome".

  • Deprecated.


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       {{role}}{{$last ? '' : ', '}}


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    Response Headers

    Status codes

  • Interfaces not documented

    MireDot believes that the Java methods below correspond to REST interfaces, but somehow had problems parsing/processing these interfaces and therefore excluded them from the generated documentation. We would very much appreciate it if you would send us the interfaces (not the implementations) and the types used (returntype, parameters). This will allow us to further improve MireDot and better document your interfaces in the future.

Below is a list of potential problems detected by MireDot. They can be severe or not. Some of them wil result in low quality documentation, some are real implementation issues. With each warning, the Java method causing the problem is documented.

    • method:

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