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Increase Loyalty
Turn Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

Don't rely solely on social media to reach your consumers. Magnetize your audience with Crowdstack by giving them a place to interact with each other (and you). You own the data, set the rules, and benefit from a deeper understanding of what they think and want. You also get a huge SEO boost as they post evergreen content around your brand.

Compare Engagement Options

You already communicate with your customers via email and social media, but is that enough? Crowdstack provides you a home base that you control and where deeper connections form. It offers clear advantages over other communication options.

Social Media
You own the content and member data
Segment/target members by group
Set membership community standards
Apply member permissions
Flexible content types (blog, forums, surveys, more)
Evergreen content

Match Your Brand

Crowdstack is a breeze to customize. Follow your brand guidelines, in terms of look and feel. Organize content to suit your purpose and vibe. Customize your theme, header, and footer. Add your own custom CSS. Change any wording used in the application to suit your style.

Incredible Value

You'll pay a flat fee, regardless of how many participants you have, how much activity there is, or how many files you and your people upload. It's an amazing value, in addition to being a beautifully-designed, plug-and-play addition to your brand website.

How It Works

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