Crowdstack For Nonprofits

Provide your supporters with a safe space to converse, share, and engage.

Engage Supporters For Your Cause

The value proposition of your nonprofit is to champion a cause that you and your supporters believe in. Crowdstack is your rally point, a place where your supporters safely interact and shares information. Best of all, you control the experience, own all of the data, and have all of the tools you need to manage the content and members.

Compare Engagement Options

You already communicate with your supporters via email and social media, but is that enough? Crowdstack provides you a home base that you control and where deeper connections form. It offers clear advantages over other communication tools.

Social Media
You own the content and member data
Segment/target members by group
Set membership community standards
Apply member permissions
Flexible content types (blog, forums, surveys, more)
Evergreen content

Private or Public/Private Mix

You can configure your Crowdstack to be completely private (available only to your supporters) or to be a hybrid where some content is available to the public and some is reserved for supporters. The advantage of a hybrid approach is that you can significantly increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), boosting traffic to your site, while still reserving features and content for your registered supporters/donors.

Incredible Value

You'll pay a flat fee, regardless of how many supporters you have, how much activity there is, or how many files you and your supporters upload. It's an amazing value, in addition to being a beautifully-designed, plug-and-play addition to your main website.

How It Works

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