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Crowdstack For Higher Education

Increase loyalty and lifetime value.

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Provide your students, faculty, administration, and alumni a secure space to converse, share, and engage.

Crowdstack For Higher Ed allows you to extend your reach beyond the physical campus. Create a lasting connection point that increases involvement and loyalty, driving engagement during active school years and beyond.

Don't rely on social media networks to reach your people. Grow an environment where everyone is involved, branded for your university, fundamentally increasing lifetime value per student.

What Is Crowdstack?

Member-Generated Content
Blog posts, forum topics, surveys, media uploads (photos, video, audio, files), calendar events, and more.
Flexible Spaces
Use groups to segment members into specific audiences across the university.
Powerful Management Tools
Moderate, set rules, apply permissions, and automate tasks.
Responsive design looks great everywhere... and a mobile app branded for your university is available as well.


Own Your Data
Social media networks do not give you control over content or member data. With Crowdstack, it's always your content, your members, your data.
Secure and Privacy-Focused
Privacy-centric tools for complying with initiatives like GDPR. Enhance security with total data encryption and dedicated firewalls.
Promote Your Brand
Easily match your school's branding. Better yet, no need to involve the IT department.
Compliment Your SIS and LMS
Your SIS and LMS do not provide the engagement tools you need for comprehensive communication and connection across the entire university (including alumni).

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Crowdstack has been serving corporate customers for a number of years; the launch of Crowdstack for Higher Education aims to serve the needs of colleges and universities across the world.

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  • Substantial discounts on usage fees.
  • Bonus perks.
  • Exclusive access to our Higher Education Roundtable, a private group for sharing feedback and suggestions with our team and other Higher Ed Pilot Program members.

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