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Turnkey, hosted engagement marketing platform, with no usage limits. Unlimited members, page views, bandwidth, file storage. No software to install or servers to maintain. One flat fee. No overage charges ever.
Up To 3 Months Free, When You Pay Yearly
Basic features. No customization options. You cannot use your own domain.
Pay Yearly - Get 2 Months Free
Adds subgroups and customization features. You can use your own domain.
Pay Yearly - Get 2 Months Free
Adds a dedicated environment, API usage, plus advanced business features.
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Pay Yearly - Get 3 Months Free

All features will be included during your free trial. Choose your plan later.

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Forums, Blogs, Surveys, Calendars, Media Sharing, Pips (Status Updates), Automation Rules, Content Management, Member Management, Reporting, Premium Membership System, GDPR/Enhanced Privacy Compliance Tools
Use Your Own Domain
Chat Rooms/Events
Custom Roles
Custom Themes
Custom CSS & Code
Custom Points Formula
Video Uploads
Support (Help Desk)
Social Logins/Integrations
Single-Sign On (SSO)
Dedicated Environment
Web Space
Custom Wording
Custom Pages
Embeddable Widgets
International Data Centers

Confused about your options? We're here to answer your questions!

Don't Suffer From FOGTB

Never worry about paying more just because your community is successful. Grow as large as you want! You'll still pay the same flat fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all plans really unlimited usage? What's the catch... and how can you offer that? There is no catch. Unlimited is really unlimited... unlimited bandwidth, members, posts, disk space... unlimited everything! As a company, we've served hundreds of thousands of online communities over the years, so we know what our average costs are across a broad spectrum of accounts and we've priced our plans to reflect that. We want you to have the peace of mind of knowing that your User-Generated Marketing expense is fixed.
Can I trust you with our data? Absolutely! Even though Crowdstack is a relatively new service, the company behind it has been around for 22 years. We are your partner and our reputation hinges on maintaining your trust. You own your Crowdstack data and we do our best to ensure that it is safe and secure.
Is there a long-term commitment? No, you are not locked in long-term! Complete plans require 30 days' notice, but other plans do not. Please note that there are no refunds for prepayment, however, when you cancel.
Can I run my Crowdstack on a domain that I own? Yes, but only for the Elemental Plus, Foundation, or Complete plans. For the Elemental plan, you must use our domain (e.g. yourcommunity.crowdstack.io). If this is important to you, choose an Elemental Plus, Foundation, or Complete plan.
Is it possible for my Crowdstack to be hosted outside of the United States? Yes! By default, all Crowdstacks are set up in one of our United States data centers. However, our Complete plan allows you to choose from any of our supported countries, at no additional fee. The currently supported locations are: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, European Union, Singapore, India, and Australia.
Do I need to purchase CMGR services? Absolutely not! Of course, for your community to succeed, you should definitely make sure you are promoting, moderating, and managing it. If you need assistance with that, our CMGR services are a great option. If you've got it under control though, that's great!
What are the Single Sign-On (SSO) integration requirements? We support SAML 2.0 for SSO.
Is my credit card information secure? Note that you will not have to provide a credit card when you sign up for a trial. You only provide that when you decide you want to commit to a plan. That said, we use a third party (Recurly) to process your online payments. We never have access to your credit card information. Recurly is PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant and recognized on the Visa Global Registry of Service Providers. Please visit Recurly Security, to learn more.
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