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We've all seen the headlines. Facebook rules with an iron fist. Here are some examples.

Our Facebook Group Was Deleted For No Reason

"The players shared screenshots from the game, discussed strategies, shared ideas.I informed the community about the game updates. Yesterday Facebook has blocked the group, together with the facebook page of Airapport."

Christian Facebook Group Shut Down With No Reason Given

"Facebook is deciding they have the authority to silence the stories of those of us whose lives have changed,” she continued. “Their dismissive action — canceling our page as if it never existed, leaving a vague 'the link may be broken' message in its place — is shameful. Not even extending us the courtesy of a notification, a chance to offer our side of the very politicized story, is unconscionable."

Missouri Veteran Group Temporarily Shut Down

"We are not a militia. We’re an organization that literally works as a support mechanism for local, state and federal government... we’ve lost members by deactivation from Facebook, or by them simply leaving because command, all my command staff, all my executive staff, have been deactivated,"

Illegal pacts, perks, collusion to rig online ad market, allege US states

"Facebook Inc and Alphabet's Google allegedly colluded to manipulate auctions for online advertising through a series of deals to fortify their market power illegally. "

Facebook Blocks "Overtly Sexual" Cow Ad

"The owner of a small digital photo gallery has had pictures of wildlife, landscapes and buildings blocked by Facebook for supposedly containing "overtly sexual" content. Examples include a photo of the England cricket team in a huddle and one of a cow standing in a field."

Facebook Restricts Bible Study Site

"Facebook is reportedly apologizing this week after accidentally restricting the ability to share content from the Bible study website According to Newsweek, Facebook said the Bible Hub links were 'flagged as low-quality content in error, which can restrict sharing capabilities.'"

Facebook Accused of Censoring Conservatives

"There are instances in which your platforms are taking a very distinctively partisan approach, and not a neutral one...'"

Censoring Body-Positive Images

"We see models and stuff that post the same kinds of images and they don't get taken down — it's really frustrating,"

Facebook Must Be Broken Up, Says US Government

"According to the state suit, Facebook's alleged misconduct has resulted in consumers being harmed. Internet users have fewer choices among social media platforms and poorer experiences, the complaint said, while the tech industry has suffered from "reduced investment in potentially competing services."

Petition To Stop Facebook From Shutting Down Groups

"I moderate a group called 'Shrimp Keeper,' and we have very clear rules that we do not sell animals, promote/talk about guns or drugs, we do not promote links to people that do sell animals, we do not promote the idea of taking and videoing the shrimp/fish out of water, etc. Yet today, I woke up to our group being shut down and we are not completely sure why."

Report States That Facebook Stores Links You Share

"Facebook servers download the content of any link sent through Messenger or Instagram DMs... This could be bills, contracts, medical records, or anything that may be confidential. "

Messenger Rooms Are Not That Private

"So it’s not that private at all–Messenger Rooms uses the same data collection policies as Facebook, which includes sharing your information with third parties. "

Facebook Gives Business Owner The Boot

"A business owner who spent nearly $46 million over the years on Facebook ads said he got booted from the platform without warning."

Facebook Removes Posts Using Landmark Name

"Facebook has apologized after visitors to a popular seaside landmark in Britain found their posts removed because the name of the location was confused for a misogynistic term."

Facebook Bans Photojounalists

"I am concerned that whatever algorithms social media is using to monitor their sites is causing them to inappropriately warn/threaten visual journalists about their factual posts of editorial images..."

Facebook Temporarily Removes Utah Business Revival Group

"Is this really where we’re at in America, where they’re just going to start banning groups that have a different opinion than them?"

Group Removed For "Community Standards" Violation

Facebook Group Shut Down For One Offensive Line

Facebook As Walled Garden

Facebook Shut Us Down Abruptly

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