Platform Security

You own your Crowdstack data, and our job is to protect it as securely as possible.

Privacy of Data

Crowdstack takes privacy of customer data very seriously, which is why our company is a participant in the EU’s Privacy Shield program. We also have a Privacy Policy that clearly states what data we collect and how we may use your data. In addition, the Crowdstack application provides the tools/settings you need to make your Crowdstack site GDPR-compliant.


All of Crowdstack’s plans include TLS/SSL for encryption of data transmitted across the Internet.

Crowdstack’s data is stored in multiple systems including MySQL, MongoDB, and distributed file systems for media and attachments. User passwords are encrypted with strong, one-way cryptography utilizing Blowfish hashing with a randomized salt to ensure the security of user sign-in credentials.

Data Backups and Disaster Recovery

Crowdstack includes redundant databases with multi-layered backup protection. Backup options include daily data backup, point-in-time backups, and redundant storage arrays. Includes online and offline backups. Weekly off-site backups are performed.

All off-site backups are encrypted before being transferred across the wire. Backups are multi-tiered: local database/file server backups, local replicated backups (2 copies), and one off-site Disaster Recovery backup.

Note that off-site backups are stored in data centers in the same country where your Crowdstack is hosted. However, if your data center is in the European Union, it may be any other European Union country.

Data Centers

We utilize multiple data centers to provide the Crowdstack service. For Customers not on "Fullstack Enterprise" plans, we host in data centers in the United States. Crowdstack "Fullstack Enterprise" customers, however, have a choice of data center in the US, EU, UK, Canada, Australia, India, and Singapore.

The data center vendors utilized for "Fullstack Enterprise" customers include: Digital Ocean, Rimu, and Linode.

Learn more about DigitalOcean’s Data Security and Certifications. Learn more about Linode's Security. Rimu's security documents are available upon request, by signing an NDA.

Note that we may change data center vendors at any time, but will update this page when that happens.

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