About Our Company

We're Social Strata and we've been innovating for 20+ years.
Our first office was located right behind this candy store.

Millions of Users

You may not have heard of us, but there is a good chance you or someone you know has used our products over the years. Our online community /customer engagement platforms have been used by hundreds of millions of people and hundreds of thousands of organizations over the past two decades.

Our origin was as the creator of the most dominant discussion forum software, where we created features like BBCode that have been reused by many other platforms over the years. We also pioneered emoticons, which evolved into the more well-known emojis you know and love today.

We're An Indie Rockstar

We're not an idea dreamed up to impress VCs, looking for a quick exit. We employ no stuffed suits. We've been bootstrapped from Day 1 and have thrived for over two decades now.

We're a remote organization, headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina USA.

We Know We Don't Succeed, If You Don't

We pride ourselves on offering an amazing service with outstanding support. We've literally seen it all over the years, so we are there to help you create the very best experience for your crowd.

Our customers are our family and we're on this journey together. Thanks for trusting us with your audience!

Our Latest and Greatest

Crowdstack is our latest platform for community engagement, one that reflects our vast experience, with all of the tools that admins need to manage their crowds and the intuitive features that end users know and love. We also designed our plans to be as worry-free as possible, offering unlimited usage for everyone -- we want to be your partner for growth!

We Trust Our People

Aside from great products and services, we've also innovated as a company. Our groundbreaking unlimited paid leave policy was the subject of a media scrum several years ago, highlighted on NPR's All Things Considered, the Wall Street Journal, and the BBC.