Why Switch to Version 2?

The benefits of the current version of Crowdstack, and why you should upgrade.
If you signed up for Crowdstack prior to December 2019, you may be on the original version of the platform. Maybe you have not heard of all of the amazing improvements we have added in Version 2. Let's review the differences and explain why you should strongly consider switching to the newer platform (at no additional cost!).


Pips are short notes, status updates, or bulletins that your members can quickly post. No title required. It's the easiest way to add content to your community. And this feature is available exclusively in Version 2 of Crowdstack.

Full-Width Design

The world is going mobile, where you only have one column to work with. Close to 60% of Crowdstack users across all sites are accessing their sites from mobile browsers. Thus, if you prefer Version 1 because it has a customizable widget column on every page, keep in mind that most of your community members are not even seeing it!

Dual Navigation Menus

The navigation menu in Version 2 encompasses two levels, which makes things easier to navigate, and provides more horizontal space overall. No more crammed menus!

More Title Images

Graphical interfaces outperform text-only ones. Take advantage of the support for title images for forum topics and chat rooms/events to create a more pleasing experience for your visitors.

Kinetic Design

Version 2 is designed to work more like a web application and is more intuitive to use than Version 1. The Kinetic Design employed by Version 2 is graphical, with consistent design components to improve the experience for all users.

Switch to Version 2 Now!

While we will continue to support and add features for Version 1, Version 2 is the future of Crowdstack. There will no doubt be additional features added in the future that will only be supported in Version 2.

There is no cost to switch from Version 1 to Version 2 of Crowdstack. If you are interested, or just have questions, reach out to us on Hey Stack! or drop us an email.