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What is Crowdstack ID?

Crowdstack ID is the registration system used by most Crowdstack communities. We say "most" because some Crowdstack communities may use their own registration system (using Single Sign-On). A Crowdstack ID is also required to launch your own Crowdstack community.

You may register an email address and password when creating a new Crowdstack ID account, or you may choose to use an existing Google or Facebook login that you already own.

When you join a new Crowdstack community, you will sign in or sign up for a Crowdtack ID first, but your community profile is unique per Crowdstack site. In other words, Crowdstack ID is only used to make signing in easier across the Crowdstack ecosystem. There is no unified profile across all sites- which means that if you are a member of multiple Crowdstack communities you can have unique identities.

Crowdstack supports Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), for making your account as secure as possible, but please note that, if you lose your 2FA access credentials, we will not be able to restore your account for you.

Crowdstack ID
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