Community Management Hub Monetizing How do I set up paid memberships in my community?

How do I set up paid memberships in my community?

You’ll want to consider setting up premium (paid) memberships during pre-launch planning. It’s always easier to promote paid memberships if there is an expectation of payment right from the start, rather than adding it later.

If there are other communities in your niche, do some exploring to see what your competition looks like.

  • What are they offering?
  • Is it free?
  • What can you offer that would be unique, or more valuable?

If you do decide to add paid memberships to an existing community, ensure that you’re offering something above and beyond the normal membership perks. It could be exclusive high-value content, or it could be insider access in a VIP forum, but make it special!

Crowdstack’s integrated Crowdstack Pay service is a one-stop shop for paid memberships, handling credit card processing, chargebacks, renewals and promotion. Or if you prefer, you can “roll your own” premium membership system.

To set up premium memberships, think about these things first:

  • What’s the price?
  • What’s the frequency? (Annual, monthly, one flat fee?)
  • What are the key perks or selling points?
  • What does your promo look like?

Consider giving paid members a badge/flag or custom title in your community. This will give even more visibility to the premium membership program.

This Sunday school lesson site,, does a wonderful job of describing the benefits of supporting membership in their community (especially love #12).

Once your paid membership system is in place, keep an eye on your reporting. What percentage of your members choose to become paid members?

Are there ways you can tweak your promotion, your offering, or how it’s presented, in order to attract more paying members?