Knowledge Base Managing a Crowdstack How can I automate things? How do I moderate content or members?

How can I automate things? How do I moderate content or members?

Crowdstack offers a powerful system for automating workflows, to help with things like moderating content or new registrations, recognizing key events, and improving engagement. Only Administrators can create and manage automation rules.

Each automation rule has the following primary components:

  • Trigger: the action that happens that causes the rule to fire up (for instance, when someone posts something new or joins your site)
  • Conditions: optional parameters that refine the conditions for triggering the rule (for instance, posts to a specific channel or containing specific words)
  • Actions: the specific things that should happen (for instance, put the post in the moderation queue so a Moderator can approve it)

We include many prebuilt templates for you to use. Here's a sampling:

But you can also create your own rules.

To add/manage your automation rules on your Crowdstack, go to Manage > Settings > Automation Rules.

Please note that Automation Rules are only supported on the Fullstack plan. Thus, while you may create and manage automation rules on the Freestack plan, they will not actually function unless you are on Fullstack.

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