Knowledge Base Managing a Crowdstack How can I change or cancel my plan?

How can I change or cancel my plan?

You can change your plan or cancel anytime, though please keep in mind that there are no refunds. This is important to know since all plans are paid annually. When you cancel, the effective date will be the end of your paid-through term.

All plan changes and cancellations can be made online by any Administrator of your Crowdstack. Look for the "Manage This Crowdstack" button in your left menu and then click on the Billing link to see your current plan, all plan upgrade or downgrade options, and the option to cancel. You may also change your billing information on this page.

If you downgrade your plan, the fee difference will be applied as a credit against future charges (when you renew).

Even though all plan changes are easy to make by your Administrators directly on your Crowdstack, we'd be happy to answer any questions you have. Just email us at [email protected].

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