Community Management Hub

Welcome! This series of articles and resources will help you learn to develop, launch, and promote a thriving online community.

Fundamentals For Launch

What You'll Learn
Get a quick overview of online communities, what they are, why they’re important, and how to jump into starting a community of your own.

Sharing Content

What You'll Learn
You’ll learn about curation, content posting frequency, how to find valuable content, how to recruit help, and what types of content work best.

Sparking Engagement

What You'll Learn
Engagement is only good if it has a purpose. Learn how to get new members sharing, posting, and helping other members, as well as how to harness engagement to further your organization’s mission and goals.

Growing Membership

What You'll Learn
Growth is a common goal for community managers. In this section, you’ll get the best ideas and insights on bringing in new members, building in virality, and empowering your existing members to recruit their friends and colleagues. Plus how to promote.


What You'll Learn
There are so many different ways to make money from your online community. This lesson will give you the tools to run paid memberships, include ads that don’t repel your community, sell sponsorships, and more.
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